Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Terri Lynn!

1. My children love her but forget to feed her and pick up her droppings.
2.She snores louder than Forrest....
3. She loves me the most even though most of the time I refer to her as "Stupid Dog"
4. Doesn't like to stay at the dog-sitter house....She ran away from there and found her way home all in under 2 hrs.
5. She loves to chase the chickens I believe she practicing to be a sheep dog
6. She know what we talk about....If Grant mentions W-A-L-K....She will bark and follow him until he takes her.
7. Her down fall is chicken bones....she will eat them if we don't watch out and take out the garbage.
8. She doesn't like to stay outside to long....If I forget and leave her out there to long...She will bark and scratch the door until some one lets her in.
9. She tolerates a 2 yr old who loves to pull her tail
10. She also loves to be a door stop for the front door.
Despite the crazy things and quirks she has proven her self to us...
There's the time when she protected me from stray dog and chased him off when they were going to attack.
And then that time when she did the same for my Children....but this time she stood right in front of them to protect them.
So Terri Lynn....Happy Birthday and I hope to have you with us a long time.
It has been an enjoyable ride so far......

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Cookie Mama said...

I was laughing my head off on #2, we have the same problem here. That was the sweetest post!