Monday, September 8, 2008


Well the happenings for today were very busy. My mom and dad came over and helped with yard work and general cleanning of my house for me. The biggest change for my yard was colorful plants....they were all free. My mom has a good talent for rooting different plants in her yard and she was nice enough to give me her current stock of plants. What she planted is called Ruella it has dark green leaves with pretty purple flowers. It makes the yard pop! I am very thankful for the help! With Forrest's new job he has been swamped with work so I am very happy my folks are always willing to help.

Tomorrow I am going to try to tackle the inside of my house and laundry!


There is nothing like a good cupcake! I guess you can say the proof is in the picture.
I think Chocolate is best!
This picture of Ella is my favorite one of the three!


My mom and dad came over today to help get ready for Caroline's Blessing. So in the mix of everything I got some cute pic's of my dad holding Caroline. I just found out today that apparently this rocking chair was my dad's grandpa's chair. So now my dad gets to hold his 9th grand child in it.

I thought it was great to know all this info.....I just need to make sure that may kiddos don't rock to hard or ruff house to much. It is amazing how furniture holds up when it is well made.

Carpet cont.....

This is the final look of it all and it is wonderful! I would have put this in the last blog but I couldn't figure that one out!


Well Forrest and I have been super busy trying to get ready for Caroline's blessing on the 14th. We got a call on Thurs. morning from Brother Taylor in the ward....He was able to help us find some one to lay our carpet. So I have this beautiful beige carpet in my living room.