Thursday, November 20, 2008

Makes me smile

Ella loves to make people smile and today is one of those days where I need to smile. This morning I found out my mom has to have heart surgery. She has 2 blockages and 1 particle blockage. So it was off to surgery....But I didn't find out until she was in surgery. So I am 30 miles away and needed some cheering up . So Ella started to make faces and I got out the camera. So this is the result of our goofing off today!

Flip Flop

Anna thought she would share her flip flops with Caroline! I thought it was to funny....My Anna loves to involve her little sister in everything she does! What a good girl I have!

Halloween sales!

I found these cute hats for 50 cents each! I was trying to plan for next years costumes.....But as you can see! That idea when out the window. Grant finally stopped bugging me about Kung Fu Panda today also!