Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Family Letter!

Happy New Year! Hope the holidays were wonderful for all of our
family and friends. We have had a truly blessed 2011 and are so thankful for
all of the events that have occurred this past year! Some weren’t the most
desired like a Kidney Stone or Pneumonia but they have made us stronger as
individuals and as a family.

Some things that have happened over the year include:

Forrest- Graduated with a Bachelors of Science from ASU and received a new job position at work that came with a pay increase. Served as Webelos leader (with me as his
sidekick) for the year of 2011, but we just got released on New Year’s Day. So
we aren’t sure what the Lord wants us to do in 2012 but we will do it willingly
with a grateful heart!

Jodi- Continues to attend college, being the family’s taxi and cook and loving staying at home (Thanks to a wonderful hubby that works long hours to make it possible,)!
Grant- Has finished his first semester as a freshman at Westwood. He is loving going to seminary
and is currently 1st counselor in the Teachers quorum. He has spent all his extra time playing Football and Wrestling at school. The kid is now taller than his dad and grandpa Eagar! But he’s got his father’s good looks and my sense of humor with that combination he can’t go wrong!

Mathew-has been busy being my right-hand man when Forrest or Grant aren’t home. He is blossoming into such a good young man. It has really shown through this last year when he
was in charge of walking the kids’ home from school. One day---Ella came home
from school wearing one of Mathew’s shoes??? I asked “What are you doing with
his shoe on?” Her reply was “My flip flop broke on the way home so Mathew gave
me his shoe because he didn’t want my feet to hurt!” What a sweet boy! Mathew also played Baseball this year and continues to play the Bass in the school orchestra. Out of all the kids--- He
is the only one that put Caroline in bed at night and gets her to stay put!!! Not even I have mastered that skill!

Ella-turned 8 this year in December and was Baptized by Forrest on the 24th of
December. She was able to go to Achievement Days on her birthday and was so
excited to meet some new friends. She continues to take piano and loves being
the big Sister of her little crew (Anna & Caroline). She is such a blessing
to have in our family. She adds her touch of crazy to our family that helps us
blend so well. She’s the best sister to Anna and Caroline, they still have the
cat fights at times but other times we can’t separate her from her sisters!
That is the one thing we love the most about her!

Anna- is known around our house as silent but deadly! This was proven when she enlisted
paybacks on Mathew over the summer. The turn of events were so funny---but it
left Forrest and I puzzled as to where she had learned it from??? Anna is
loving kindergarten and she has the best teacher! She has grown so much by being able to attend
school. We get nothing but good reports about her, which make us as parents so
proud of her!

Caroline- (a.k.a. Miss C on my blog) has started preschool 3 days a week for 3 hrs. When she startedschool she was having speech issue. Now that she has been attending for a
while, she’s a chatterbox! Her personality is developing and growing, it’s the funniest thing to watch. She loves to tattle on her siblings especially if they take something away from her
that she was getting into! We are so glad we have the extra eyes to help watch
her at home!

We are so proud of our family, we couldn’t ask for better children!
With the year coming to a close and the start of a new year! It is so easy for
us to look back and see how much the Lord has blessed us and how thankful we
are! We hope this New Year is blessed and full of happiness for all of you!

All our Love,
Forrest, Jodi, Grant, Mathew, Ella, Anna, and Caroline

Ella turned 8

Ella turned 8! It's hard to believe its been that long!
She got baptized by her favorite person!
Our princess on her special day!
Daddy made her a special cake for her day!
This was when Ella got interviewed by the Bishop!
Way to go Ella!!! We are so proud of you and love you so much!
Happy 8th Birthday!