Monday, June 7, 2010

Food Storage

In my ward the Relief Society asked me if I would start teaching what I know about Food Storage...My favorite Website that I get my recipes and ideas from is www. Crystal posted a really good video about foodstorage and how to start!
Here is the link you should check it out. Plus she also has a pdf file that you can download!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Expect more posts.....

( My first attempt at homemade french bread!)

Since summer has hit I am trying to post at least once a week or more....So get ready! It won't be all about the kids....I am trying new recipes and more food storage stuff. So here I goooooo!
About 3 months ago...we downsized our flock of chickens. Forrest has been working on a chicken tractor for our backyard. If you don't know what a chicken tractor is a portable coop that is on wheels that can be moved all over the yard. The brilliant hubby that I have came up with the coolest design! The coop is a long rectangle and has wheels on the back and then he cut up part of a bicycle and mounted to the front. So we use the handle bars to steer the coop around the yard.
Well I came out to move the coop and this is what I found......

Caroline had taken it upon herself to give it a shot. She was trying to help out with the chores on the homestead.

Anna graduated Joy School!!!

Since the beginning of September of 2009, Anna has been attending a Joy School with other kids from our church. All the moms would rotate teaching twice a week. So for me I taught one week a month. Anna loved it! She really came out of her shy shell......met great little friends and I got a nice break twice a week for 3 weeks at a time. We had all the families over for graduation in our front yard a few weeks ago. Each family brought something for the potluck...One mom made the cute graduation hats and Forrest made the diplomas.

Here are the kids with their diplomas and hats! Forrest was the MC for graduation night!

Here is Anna walking down the isle to get her diploma.

Anna with her classmates!

Here are some of the families enjoying the meal before the ceremonies!
Congratulations Anna!

What happened to May?????

Boy oh Boy the month has flewn by here are some snip its of what happen this month....

Made my first pink baseball cake!

Ella finish her second year of T-ball.

Anna got her first tropy ever...and finished 1st year of T-ball!!!

Mathew got more awards at school!

After 9 months of work his class finally got the revolving math trophy...So I had to bring cake and drinks since Forrest promised it to the class! We told them this promise in September and now we had to deliver.

Mathew's 9th Birthday....

Ohhh the waiting....he was up at 5:00am to open the presents...but we made him go back to bed! Aren't we mean parents...
Forrest made a Death Star cake for Mathew....if you don't know what that is it is the planet thing from Star Wars.

He really enjoyed his dinosaur wood puzzles! He had them put together by the end of the day!

Over all Mathew had a great birthday...he got his very own fish aquarium for his room along with all the accessories. Then he also got to go out to the movies with his best friend and see the Shrek movie.
Happy Birthday Mathew....We love you!