Monday, April 11, 2011

What up with us???

Well lately Miss C has been blamed for everything under the sun that goes missing or has been damaged at our house. But last night, Forrest was downloading the pic's off our camera this is what he found....Apparently our little sweet innocent Anna has actually been NAUGHTY.....we found at least 50+ pictures of her on the camera and she swears she didn't do it?

So our little 5 yr old is sometimes up to no good....

Miss C and her friend playing on the teeter-totter!

Grant went to his first dance----So like embarrassing parents we took photos! Which the other kids didn't care....But I think Grant was a tad bit annoyed!!!!

Since Grant got his guitar.....He and Mathew have had some jam sessions. Which I think Mathew has enjoyed them most.

Other news around here:

---Is that Forrest finally got his job position with a salary attached :) We are so thankful for the news and hopefully will take effect soon. At this time with the economy and some people losing their jobs....I feel so blessed to be able to stay at home our kiddos and I am extremely thankful for the blessing of employment!

---As of May 13th Forrest will be graduating from ASU!!!

---We are in full swing of baseball season here so we will photos of that soon too!

---Grant is starting Football practice for Westwood, he is quite excited for that.

---Mathew is still working on the perfect attendance....just has a few weeks left!

---Miss C will most likely be starting speech in the fall....SO I will actually be home by myself for a few hours a week....I am kinda sad :( to know my babies are starting to grow up! But at the same time I am love to see them turning into amazing kids!