Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Present!

Mathew said..."Mom look I got you a present!" And of course when someone says that to you ...You just have to lOOk!!!
I thought this was so cute I had to ClIck my CaMeRa!


When GramE and Grandpa Eagar were here on Christmas Eve the kids dressed up and we talked about the real meaning of Christmas.

After taking pictures the kids did a fun picture of the nativity....Hopefully it wasn't to sac religious but boy did they have fun with it all.


The girls got fake princess hair from Santa this year! It was the funniest thing to watch! But they are having a ball with it!


We had a fantastic Christmas! Santa brought Forrest and I a new camera! So I think my picture taking will improve. The kids got almost everything they wanted...But not a WII for christmas. I think they think Santa has tons of cash for something like that. So we told them Santa is broke...Look at all the other kids he has to get presents for! So that got Santa off the hook for another year!!!

Here are some pictures of our holiday!