Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happenings of last week!!!

Grant helped me bake a lot of cupcakes for the pinewood derby last week!

Here are some picture of the girls enjoying there icecream cones!

Friday, March 27, 2009


I just love this picture of my fatty babe!

Friday, March 20, 2009


What they looked like in 10/03/08

Now they are all grown!

Well to our Homestead we add chicken in Oct 2008. Now they are approx. about 6 month old and should start laying anytime now. Once they do will should be getting any where from 6-12 eggs per day. So that will lower my grocery bill. I have started to train the dog to heard the chickens when they get out. It is so funny to see her chase them and round them up for me!


Plants that we bought at A&P Nursery!
We only got a few but most of our garden we did from seeds.
This is my Basil plant that survived the winter!
Garden box of Tomatoes

This is our garden! It doesn't look like much right now but in a few month it will be awesome. The round hole that you see is where Grant is digging a hole of our pomegranate bush to go. On the other side of the playhouse we are putting in 2 more boxes. They will have cucumbers and cantalope and watermelon. I am so excited about our garden and working on my homestead!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thoughts about having a Homestead:

This whole thought on Homesteading inspired me....to think about what I am doing to homestead on my little plot of land. In these economic times, Forrest and I are trying to slim our budget and be self reliant and get out of Debt. So here is the article...it is from Family Homestead.com I hope this has inspired you also.

From the Homestead Blogger:
I recently had an email from a very nice lady sharing with me that she longed for country life and a homesteading type of lifestyle but was in the city. She wanted to know what kind of book resources there were for learning about homesteading. My answer was first a book resource for her and then some ideas on what she could do right in the city.

Her question inspired me with a few thoughts I wanted to share. I sometimes get the sense that some believe that homesteading looks a certain way.. nice little spot in the country, big garden growing, chickens all around, a few little goats in the pasture, etc... But the one thing I learned from my years of living in the city is that homesteading has a different meaning today than it did back in the days where people homesteaded a piece of land. Today we live in a very different world. Homesteading to me is the means which I can help out my family’s budget and be a productive wife right here in my home where the Lord has called me to be. Even if a woman works outside the home, the home is a place that needs lots of TLC and attention and a woman’s desire to make a home is still in her heart.
When I lived in the city I had this dream of living in the country. It was many years before we actually were able to move our family out into the country. I remember thinking that I already have my little piece of land right here in the city. So I focused on my “homestead” so that I could be the best possible steward of what the Lord had already given me.
I began by cooking from scratch. I had the time in my day to make this a priority and feeding my growing family was a big job. I wanted to help out the family budget by buying less pre packaged food. So I taught myself to cook our favorite meals from scratch. This does save money! And if using good healthy ingredients it will improve the family health as well.
In two of the homes I lived in (one was a rental the other we owned) I grew a garden. That was extremely rewarding. The first garden I grew was not that big but I was surprised at how much I could contribute to each meal during the summer with what I was able to harvest. The savings from this was much needed at the time as we had 2 children and my husband was going through school and our budget was tight; very tight!!
In the second home I was able to have a bigger garden and had enough produce to do a little canning with the bounty. I learned to can by reading books and talking with friends and many older ladies from my church who canned. This was a blessing to us as well as a great feeling of satisfaction as I served my family my canned food during the winter.
Aside from cooking and baking (I started baking my own bread back in the first house) I also refined my sewing skills. I had many little children and it was a real blessing to be able to find fabric on sale and turn it into clothes for them and myself as well.
I also picked up my crocheting again. Something I had not done in many years. I found this to be rewarding and helpful. Between my sewing and crocheting I made many gifts for my family. Due to very tight finances and our desire to buy a home it was a blessing to be able to make the holiday time less stressful with my homemade gifts.
I learned and studied all about herbs and herbal medicine. I had a few health issues with my children and was not impressed by traditional medicines that seemed to just give me a Band-Aid to cover it up, so to speak. I learned all I could about herbs through library books (the internet was not a mainstay in peoples homes at this point). I was able to deal with a variety of issues and my children’s health dramatically improved.
All in all my point to this article is that to me homesteading is more about being a resourceful and productive wife than it is about living in the country. It is seeing what the Lord has already provided for me and making the absolute most out of it that I am able to. It is a focus on what I have, not what I want to have. Not to say that dreams are not a good thing. If there were no homesteading dreams then I would not be here on my land today. But the key to it all is being a good steward of what I already have as well as contentment with what the Lord has given me.
Now for that country living book resource that needs to be a part of every homesteading wife’s library: Carla Emery’s Encyclopedia of Country Living . It is fun to read, very educational and you will learn a lot about every possible avenue of homesteading there is!
Happy Homesteading!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Busy, Sickys, and Anniversary!

I know that I haven't posted in a few weeks....We have been busy trying to work on our garden and acquiring animals too. Forrest and I celebrated our 16Th anniversary over the weekend. I had such a good time with him. I wish I could have kept him at home longer. I am so thankful to Renee Udall for giving me Forrest phone number and how everything has worked out from that point.

Forrest, I am so thankful you are my husband I love you so much ! Thank you for choose me to be your wife a long time ago. I have been so happy and loving my life that we have created together. Happy Anniversary! I Love you Sweetie!

Along with a busy weekend....Pour Caroline came down sick with Pink Eye and an Ear Infection. So she had Green goop coming out of her eyes and nose. Pour thing looked so bad. The Dr. put her on Omenicef and she is doing well. Except for last night...She had so much congestion and drainage it was hard to sleep. So she coughed for 3 hours on and off. But she is doing better today!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Just Hanging....

Here are the girls just hanging out with Papa Burton. Grant got ordained on Feb. 22, 2009 it was a perfect weather. So I the girls just loved being outside!

These photos were taken just after Grant was Ordained a Deacon at church! Way to go Grant your dad and I are so happy for you.
After this---we had a feast at our house! Thanks to all who helped with at it was awesome!!!!!


Forrest made Grant's cake this year! Great job Honey!
Grant opening presents on his birthday!

He wasn't really awake either?!