Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Snip Snip!!!

This is what happened when I fell asleep for a few minutes! I was nursing Caroline and dosed off for just a few minutes and Anna was now sporting an "80's" looking mullet. So once the other kiddos got home I took her to the salon and had them fix it as much as they could. When it is done up it looks really cute. Out of all the kids she is the one that cut her hair the most. The others just did a tiny bit. When I was at the salon, I asked the woman if she had ever seen anything so bad.....Her reply was"This is nothing... I have seen far worse before!" After that curiosity got the best of me and I had to ask???? What was the worst? Appartently, the salon owner had left her clippers down and her daughter got a hold of them and when straight down the middle of her head....totally bald down the middle....So Anna's little snip snip really wasn't that bad!

Caroline's Blessing

This was our first family picture with our new addition!

This picture is with all the grandparents!
Here is me with my little sweetie! She was so cute in her dress! But after all the pic's were done she was totally finished and very cranky!

Just want to tell everyone thanks for coming and all who helped with food---Thank You!!!!! Thank You!!! Thank You!!! You are lifesavers!

The biggest Thanks goes to Forrest! He put up with a cranky bossy wife for the last week and never complained! Thank You I love you so much!