Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What is happening on the homestead!

Well for the last few weeks, Forrest and I have been attending a Family History Class. We are learning how to find people and how to get them all set up for Temple Ordinances. It has been very interesting and any time I go to class. I always think about my grandparents and how I have been holding up their eternal progression. I have everything set up to get them sealed...but haven't done it yet. So last week we got our temple recommends renewed and I am setting a tentative date for 1st weekend in June. I just need to talk to my mom and see if she can make it on that weekend.

Other happenings around our house is that baseball is done! Now we just have another week until school is done.....Hooray!!!! I am so looking forward to sleeping in and not having to keep a tight schedule for the kids. Our only commitments for the summer are...Scout camp...Day camp... possible a trip to Eagar....and lots of swimming lessons!!! I might be taking a class over the summer but not really sure about that yet.

My garden is growing....but to me it feels so slow...Here are some pic's of the garden about 2 weeks ago. It has grown some since then I have a ton of tomatoes but nothing is red yet. So hopefully this nasty hot weather will help with that!

This is my bed of Yellow next week I should be eating some of it.
This is my tomato bed...I never got a chance to cage them so they are wild and we will see how it grows. The things in the back ground are my compost bins. For those who live in Mesa, You can order them through the city for $5.00 bucks each.

The garden bed that is closer in the photo has eggplant and cucumbers in it. The bed that is farther away has herbs in it....Basil, oregano,lavender, mint and stevia.
Well this a glimpse into whats happening on the homestead for the week of May 19Th. Hopefully next week I show off my backyard and what it is looking like since we have downsize the chicken coop and added a garden and shed.
Until next week....

Friday, May 7, 2010

Tour of my kitchen!

Here is my cook top where I prepare all the meals.
This is my bread station...I keep all my supplies for bread making in this cupboard and pull drawer.

This is my open storage shelves in the kitchen....I keep everything on them. So that I can have my coutertops clean. I got these shelves at Costco for $29.99 each.

This is my new chest freezer. I love it....If you notice I keep my broom and mop hanging on a nail so it is out of the way. Then on the left is my handy step stool which is usually floating around the kitchen and my food storage closet. This is one of the best investments I have made for the kitchen.
Thanks for taking my tour!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy May.....

It is crazy to think that it is already May? Where did the time go..... Well what is new with us???
--Forrest has now taken up the hobby of Rabbits. We just got 3 Tans and one is Preggers. So we are expecting bunnies sometime this week. It is very exciting for the kids! He is still plugging along with his Chinese course and should be done before fall.
--Grant is almost done with 7Th grade and is really looking forward to the summer so he can sleep in and watch Price is Right ever morning.
--Mathew has made it into math club at school and is very excited for his Birthday on the 17Th of the Month.
--Ella is cruising through Kindergarten and by the fall that she will totally be reading. She loves school and her class.
--Anna is finishing up Preschool for the year and loves to play with all the kids in the neighborhood. It will be sad for her because in a few weeks most of them are moving. So I will have to start having play dates for her.
--Miss C is pure sweetness and trouble all mixed together. She loves playing outside and is just the biggest ball of fun!
--And Me....I am just trying to keep up with them all. I will be ending my semester at the end of the month. I am going to be teaching the ladies at church how to use their food storage. Which I am so very excited to do. But I think it will challenge me to see how frugal I can be. I also have started my garden again. But this time I put up a fence....So I am very hopeful to have a good productive garden before it gets to hot. Once I have my garden totally put together I will post photos of it.
We are finishing up T-ball this next week and I have finals. But I really am excited for the Summer to come. I am tired of the craziness and looking forward to the slower pace of Summer. Our plans for Summer...include swimming and having extended use of the WII. I am hopeful that we can also have field trips to library and the museums. So we will see what the summer holds..... That is it for now!