Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The Angels
The Family Nativity
(with candy to bribe the little ones)
Our Cousins came to visit from California and we had our annual Christmas Nativity picture
taken....Then the kids got to go to the Zoo. My children had a blast with their cousins...Especially Miss Ella who stayed attached to Kate the whole day!!! We sure love them and wish they could come to visit all the time!

Family Foot Rodeo---Oct 2010

Every year the Goodman's have a reunion known as the "Family Foot Rodeo". The activities of the day include: Three Legged Race, Egg Toss, Horse Relay Race (using stick horses) and the Magic Carpet ride....This is when a person sits on a carpet and is pulled by an ATV.
We had a blast with our kids and will be back for some more action next year!

A real Party...

My Anna turned 5! I am not sure when this happened?!?!
When she was younger we always had family parties....This year she requested to have a friends party!

Daddy made her cake and she helped design it.
As you can tell she was over the moon about it!!!

All who came had a fabulous time...

Now I have to start planning something for Ella...Who wants a party similar to Anna's!