Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Grant's Birthday!

It was only 7:00am...
He got Chocolate...

New computer software, hiking boots, and clothes...

AND Even chocolate pie from Marie Callendars'!
I KNOW Grant had a good birthday....But you would think different by the look of the photos!
Happy Birthday Grant....We love you so and are so thankful you are in our family!

Valentine Day

My Sweetie brought me wonderful flowers for my Valentine's present.

We got the kids valentines' day treats!

Instead of having a Valentine's dinner just for Forrest and I...we made a three course meal for the kids. They got to drink out of my special goblets and have apple cider. They totally loved it!

Grant and Mathew wanted to know if we could do this everyday!

Monday, February 1, 2010


I think that was the fastest January on record. Well it has been a crazy month with kids. We had parent teacher conferences and basketball games, along with lots of cub scout training and other activities. But hey on to the next month.... This month will include more church basketball games and Blue and Gold banquet and Grant's birthday.

When it came to the parent/teacher conferences all the kids did wonderful. Mathew got all A's and so did Ella. They are also on the top of the class when it comes to reading. Grant made the Honor Roll with a G.P.A of 3.5-3.7%. I still wonder how since the kid never has homework. But I am so proud of all my children they are doing so well in school. Especially Mathew and Ella they have made a wonderful transition when it comes to taking responsibility for being on time and having there stuff together before school starts.

Anna and Caroline are doing great also. Anna is loving preschool and is learning how to write her name. She loves to go to school and see all her friends. Caroline is doing great. She has started going to nursery. She loves it and doesn't cry when we leave her there. Forrest and I are excited that she is growing up and enjoying every part of life. I told him that since she has started to like people again we just might be able to start going to the gym now. Before she would scream and not want to play with any kids. SO we will see how that goes in the next few weeks.

I am starting my next semester of school. I got all B's in my classes, so I am hoping to continue with similar grades which will be good for my g.p.a.! Forrest is working on his Chinese class and really enjoys it. So right now the kids are wanting us to teach them some sign language and Chinese. Forrest showed the kids how to say "Who farted?" in Chinese because I was tried of them saying it in English. Boy, it is sure annoying....

Well got hit the mountain of laundry that has over taken my laundry room!
See ya around,