Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Girls snuggled with Forrest during FHE.
Anna got her nails painted by cousin Emilee.

Caroline with her cousins at Thanksgiving!

Grant's photography after a rain storm the day before Thanksgiving!


This is the finished product!
Family photo's in front of our live tree this year!

Mathew working hard at decorating.

Grant was helping Anna with her ornament.

Mathew was so excited about the tree this year. He ask if we could plant it in the backyard when Christmas was over. He really wants to save the tree for next year! When Forrest and I broke the news to him....about the whole cuting a tree down and then throwing it away, he was so sad! Poor little guy!

Caroline and Sweet Potatoes

When Caroline had her 4 month Check up and she is officially in the 17 pounds arena now! Then you can tack on 5 oz. on the weight ! Now I know why I have such good bicepts! So when we were at the doctor's office. She told me that Caroline can start her eating a lot of things(i.e. cereal,juice and some food). So we tried mashed sweet potatoes..... I don't think she really liked them as you can tell by the photos! But she did good for her first try!