Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Break part 2

Guess where we went?
That is right we hit the Phx. Zoo...but the rest of AZ had the same idea, too!

Forrest surprised us and took the day off so he got to help Miss C around the petting Zoo! At one point Miss C ran into the goat stable....It was quite amusing!

Here is Miss C loving the Zoo.

Here is the whole gang at the Zoo. Miss C was totally engrossed in the fake elephant! But hey...They all took long naps at home and totally enjoyed the day!

Spring Break part 1

Grant got "Hired" for his first
He dug trenches for a sprinkler system and moved block for a person in our ward.
I was so proud of the job he did...He enjoyed the money!

I am pretty sure that I almost broke my toe at the start of spring break....But now it is getting better. This is why we didn't do to much of outings over the break. But all the kids did was play outside with their friends! Which was good because some of neighbor kids moved this weekend.