Thursday, December 11, 2008


So does anyone have that blah kinda day???? That is how I am feeling today. The house is a mess, the clothes are piling up, and I have absolute no desire to clean. I think the feeling of actually caring how my house look has gone out the window......flew to China and never to return! Deep down I care but it seem like I don't have time. These days I can't even get my kids to school on time. This tardiness happens at least once a week. Today they were on time !!!!!-----Yes miracles do happen!----

Just to give everyone an update on my mom:

Her surgery ended up being a quadruple by pass and she did well for the first week and half. Then she had some symptoms of shortness of breath and tiredness. So the Dr's decided to have her get a CT scan at the ER. Once the results came in we found out that she had a Pulmonary Embolism in her lungs. Which meant there were blood clots and lots of them. Late Friday night I got a phone call that said come to the hospital now! So I got in the car at 2:45am and drove 30 miles to find my family all together in the waiting room. Getting the news from the doctors----They were finally able to get her stable and her heart had started to go into a good rhythm. I found out later in all the talking to family. That apparently her body was going crazy and they couldn't do much more for her. So the doctor told Jeannie, You need to come to the hospital and come now.
It really puts life in perspective when you are so close to losing your mother. I know I have many things that I have resentment about from difference that my mother and I have had in the past. But all I wanted at the moment in time was to just see her and to say as many prayers for her that I could.
Well it has been almost a week since that has happened and she is recovering wonderfully. They think she will be out in another 7 days. Just in time for Christmas. This Christmas season I am so thankful to my heavenly father for not taking my mother and leaving her with us. So that we can love and have more time with her!