Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was my birthday! I can't believe that I am 34....When I was teenager, I thought people were over the hill when they hit there thirties. I didn't think I would ever get this old! But looking back, I wouldn't change anything. The one thing that I would do is be smarter with my money and finish college.

After the holidays I am going to try to start school again. Which I am really happy about. After having 5 kiddos and always doing things for them. I have decided that I want to do this for me...Overall it will benefit everyone. Forrest has always said Go back to school it would be great! But I always either forget to register or have some other project to do. After I had Caroline I was really wanted to register for the fall semester. But that didn't happen.....I haven't even been able to get a shower everyday. So I thought to myself????? Why the heck would I sign up for school if I can't get organized enough to get a shower everyday!!!!

Enough of the ramblings of Jodi today!!! Sometimes Forrest will ask what am I thinking about???? I sit there and think you don't want to know.....When I start talking I go from one subject to another in the same breath. A lot of people can't keep up with what subject I am on! So that is why I keep it to myself!

Back to my birthday....I had a great day! My friend Marykate came over to visit and we went shopping at our favorite store! FRESH and EASY it is a local grocery store. They have awesome sales on there discontinued items. Some people would shopping......are you crazy! It is weird I know! But I love to shop at the grocery stores! I hate clothes shopping for myself but I like to shop for the kids and Forrest. My other store that I love to shop is 2nd hand stores! I am all about how much $$$$$ I can save! That and when I shop at the 2nd hand stores I am recycling!

On Saturday, Forrest took me out to Red Robin for burgers! I had a guacamole bacon burger and it was so Yummy!!!!! I love being able to go out for dinner now and actually have room to eat! When I was pregnant with Caroline, my belly was so big I had no room. I would have a salad & two or three bits of the main course.....I was finished after that! So to able to eat a regular plate of food and be full is awesome!!!! I had such a great time with my hubby! I love spending time with him! Well that is it for now! The girls and I are going to play group today---Which I love because it keeps them busy and they don't mess up my house. The girls are very notorious for getting into a lot of trouble at home. When they go to other peoples' homes they are good and stay out of trouble! That is why play group is so important!!!!