Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The DOG!!!

The funniest thing that happened the weekend.....Our dog escaped from the dog-sitters house while we were gone to Eagar. She made her way from almost a mile from our house. She had never been in the area before but she figured out how to make it home. She planned it so well....We arrived home and she had probably been on the front porch for less than one hour. The kids think the dog had been planning this since we dropped her off on Thursday. We are just glad to have our Terri Lynn back at home with her family!!!

Here are some random photos of the
girls on the 4th of July!

I didn't get any with the boys since they we running a muck with their cousins all weekend.

July 4th

Caroline at her 1st parade ever!
Anna is totally decked out in the 4th of July spirit and is waiting for the candy at the parade!

Ella is just happy to be here.

Mathew is waiting for the candy and was getting impatient because everyone else had already gotten at least 2 pieces already.

Grant tried to avoid the camera all weekend. But in our household that is impossible.

Later that night we all went to go watch the fireworks down by the river. Once we got there all the kids piled in Uncle Troy's truck and watched to show.

Between the parade, BBQ with all the family and wonderful fireworks. We had a fabulous 4th of July!!!


Mathew crawdad fishing on the river edge.
Forrest is fishing off the bridge into the Little Colorado.

Ella is showing us what she used for bait....A little bacon and a rock to weigh it all down with.

Grant loved crawdad fishing...he planned on eating what we caught. But it was hard to make a meal out of 5 crawdads.