Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 4th

Caroline at her 1st parade ever!
Anna is totally decked out in the 4th of July spirit and is waiting for the candy at the parade!

Ella is just happy to be here.

Mathew is waiting for the candy and was getting impatient because everyone else had already gotten at least 2 pieces already.

Grant tried to avoid the camera all weekend. But in our household that is impossible.

Later that night we all went to go watch the fireworks down by the river. Once we got there all the kids piled in Uncle Troy's truck and watched to show.

Between the parade, BBQ with all the family and wonderful fireworks. We had a fabulous 4th of July!!!


Amy C said...

Looks like fun! Where did you find a parade in AZ? The whole time we lived there I wished we could have found a 4th of July parade! :)

Amy said...

Fun! I got to experience the parade in Eager/Sprinerville for the first time last year. Fun! I wish we would have been able to go back this year, but Wade couldn't take the time off.

Debbie said...

how fun, your girls look so cute and all grown up. Our friends invited us to Eager for the fourth too. We shoulda gone.

Cookie Mama said...

That brings back memories! What a neat thing to take your kids up to Eagar, I think I spent every 4th of July up there as a kid.

Cute pictures of the kiddos!