Friday, March 20, 2009


What they looked like in 10/03/08

Now they are all grown!

Well to our Homestead we add chicken in Oct 2008. Now they are approx. about 6 month old and should start laying anytime now. Once they do will should be getting any where from 6-12 eggs per day. So that will lower my grocery bill. I have started to train the dog to heard the chickens when they get out. It is so funny to see her chase them and round them up for me!


Plants that we bought at A&P Nursery!
We only got a few but most of our garden we did from seeds.
This is my Basil plant that survived the winter!
Garden box of Tomatoes

This is our garden! It doesn't look like much right now but in a few month it will be awesome. The round hole that you see is where Grant is digging a hole of our pomegranate bush to go. On the other side of the playhouse we are putting in 2 more boxes. They will have cucumbers and cantalope and watermelon. I am so excited about our garden and working on my homestead!