Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dinosaur Cont......

These are the last of them! Grant didn't put color on his mask! He made his look like the Lone Ranger! That and since he would be 12 soon. I think he was trying to act mature! But deep down I know he really wanted those feathers!

Dinosaur Museum....

Well GramE told us about the Christmas Special happening at the Dinosaur Museum a.k.a Arizona Museum of Natural History. It turned out to be a Christmas around the world. So they had these little booth that the kids could do little crafts at. At each booth they talked about the Christmas in the different parts of the world. I think the kids like the booth about Brazil the best. They got to make masks and decorate them with feathers. So here are some of the pictures and I will load one more post with pictures. For some reason they would only let me do 5 pic's????

Grant's Orchestra Concert

Grant had his winter concert on the 9th of Dec. and he did a bang up job on it. He plays the Bass in the Orchestra. He never really picked the instrument it picked him. He was the biggest kid in 4th grade and they need a bass player. It has really worked out great. He has loved playing it...but not practicing!


Before my mom went back into the hospital for blood clots....We took it upon ourselves to decorate her house for her! So my sweetie put up lights on the outside of the house with Grant's help. Then the little kids and I decorated the live Christmas tree. Mathew helped make the stockings for my parents. Once he learned the art of glitter.....He wanted to use glitter on all the craft projects this year.