Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What is happening on the homestead!

Well for the last few weeks, Forrest and I have been attending a Family History Class. We are learning how to find people and how to get them all set up for Temple Ordinances. It has been very interesting and any time I go to class. I always think about my grandparents and how I have been holding up their eternal progression. I have everything set up to get them sealed...but haven't done it yet. So last week we got our temple recommends renewed and I am setting a tentative date for 1st weekend in June. I just need to talk to my mom and see if she can make it on that weekend.

Other happenings around our house is that baseball is done! Now we just have another week until school is done.....Hooray!!!! I am so looking forward to sleeping in and not having to keep a tight schedule for the kids. Our only commitments for the summer are...Scout camp...Day camp... possible a trip to Eagar....and lots of swimming lessons!!! I might be taking a class over the summer but not really sure about that yet.

My garden is growing....but to me it feels so slow...Here are some pic's of the garden about 2 weeks ago. It has grown some since then I have a ton of tomatoes but nothing is red yet. So hopefully this nasty hot weather will help with that!

This is my bed of Yellow next week I should be eating some of it.
This is my tomato bed...I never got a chance to cage them so they are wild and we will see how it grows. The things in the back ground are my compost bins. For those who live in Mesa, You can order them through the city for $5.00 bucks each.

The garden bed that is closer in the photo has eggplant and cucumbers in it. The bed that is farther away has herbs in it....Basil, oregano,lavender, mint and stevia.
Well this a glimpse into whats happening on the homestead for the week of May 19Th. Hopefully next week I show off my backyard and what it is looking like since we have downsize the chicken coop and added a garden and shed.
Until next week....