Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Valentine Day

My Sweetie brought me wonderful flowers for my Valentine's present.

We got the kids valentines' day treats!

Instead of having a Valentine's dinner just for Forrest and I...we made a three course meal for the kids. They got to drink out of my special goblets and have apple cider. They totally loved it!

Grant and Mathew wanted to know if we could do this everyday!


Jen said...

We did the family dinner that night also. I think I liked that better (this year anyway). The kids thought it was totally cool.

The Covert Family said...

I love this idea - Larren and I don't really do Valentine's Day anyway. We got engaged on February 11th so he always brings me flowers and we go out to dinner to celbrate that and avoid the valentine Day crowd. I am always looking for something fun for the kids - I love this idea!

Laurel said...

How fun. We started something similar a few years ago. The kids really look forward to it. What a nice way for you to bond. You have such an awesome family.