Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy May.....

It is crazy to think that it is already May? Where did the time go..... Well what is new with us???
--Forrest has now taken up the hobby of Rabbits. We just got 3 Tans and one is Preggers. So we are expecting bunnies sometime this week. It is very exciting for the kids! He is still plugging along with his Chinese course and should be done before fall.
--Grant is almost done with 7Th grade and is really looking forward to the summer so he can sleep in and watch Price is Right ever morning.
--Mathew has made it into math club at school and is very excited for his Birthday on the 17Th of the Month.
--Ella is cruising through Kindergarten and by the fall that she will totally be reading. She loves school and her class.
--Anna is finishing up Preschool for the year and loves to play with all the kids in the neighborhood. It will be sad for her because in a few weeks most of them are moving. So I will have to start having play dates for her.
--Miss C is pure sweetness and trouble all mixed together. She loves playing outside and is just the biggest ball of fun!
--And Me....I am just trying to keep up with them all. I will be ending my semester at the end of the month. I am going to be teaching the ladies at church how to use their food storage. Which I am so very excited to do. But I think it will challenge me to see how frugal I can be. I also have started my garden again. But this time I put up a fence....So I am very hopeful to have a good productive garden before it gets to hot. Once I have my garden totally put together I will post photos of it.
We are finishing up T-ball this next week and I have finals. But I really am excited for the Summer to come. I am tired of the craziness and looking forward to the slower pace of Summer. Our plans for Summer...include swimming and having extended use of the WII. I am hopeful that we can also have field trips to library and the museums. So we will see what the summer holds..... That is it for now!



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Cookie Mama said...

You are right, it is hard to believe that summer is almost here. I hope you are right about the slower pace of summer, the only thing I hate is the super early swim team drop offs and the heat when you have to shuttle them back and forth to friends houses!

I love the updates on your family, it makes me feel like I haven't missed a thing since we last saw each other. Can't wait to see the pictures of your new garden.