Monday, March 9, 2009

Busy, Sickys, and Anniversary!

I know that I haven't posted in a few weeks....We have been busy trying to work on our garden and acquiring animals too. Forrest and I celebrated our 16Th anniversary over the weekend. I had such a good time with him. I wish I could have kept him at home longer. I am so thankful to Renee Udall for giving me Forrest phone number and how everything has worked out from that point.

Forrest, I am so thankful you are my husband I love you so much ! Thank you for choose me to be your wife a long time ago. I have been so happy and loving my life that we have created together. Happy Anniversary! I Love you Sweetie!

Along with a busy weekend....Pour Caroline came down sick with Pink Eye and an Ear Infection. So she had Green goop coming out of her eyes and nose. Pour thing looked so bad. The Dr. put her on Omenicef and she is doing well. Except for last night...She had so much congestion and drainage it was hard to sleep. So she coughed for 3 hours on and off. But she is doing better today!

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