Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happenings in September 2010

September flew by...Things that happened where broken finger, birthday, orchestra, midterms and finals.
Well Grant broke his finger on the 13th of Sept. in his second wrestling match of the season. So he was benched...but we let him wrestle in the district tournment on Oct. 2nd.
On the 23rd of this month, I turned 36 and feeling better than ever. I thought when I hit the higher ages I would feel like crap. But I feel the same as I did at 35....SO It isn't so bad.
I am still going to school....Don't know when I will be finished. I had midterm in my Jazz class and I got a B on the test. My finals I got A in Children's Lit and B in History 103. So my grades are getting better. Next semester will be Sign Language 201 and Math. Mathew has joined orchestra and is playing the bass. He also joined Choir at school. So for a 4th grader he is trying to be as involved at school as possible. Ella is loving Mr. Curry's class. She is learning so many new songs and the cutest thing is that she is teaching them to Anna.
Anna is loving preschool and she is slowing coming out of her shyness. So it is wonderful that she is growing both physically and emotionally.
Caroline....well what can I say....She finds trouble around every corner. At least once a week, she gets into huge messes or destroys something. Now that the weather is nice she would live outside if I let her. One minute she's a menace and the next so stinking cute....SO she does get her way quite a bit.
Forrest is one class away from graduating...Hopefully we can get it done by christmas. But we are very excited about it!!!!
Happening on the Homestead include: Breeding Rabbits, Buying Baby Chicks, and planting our Fall garden. We really want to by a goat but we aren't sure how much space it would take up in the yard. So that idea is still on the back burner for now.
We will keep you updated on the happening at our house....Bye for now!

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Cookie Mama said...

I love this family photo and the post! So cute. We need another family party so we can get a chance to chat. :)