Wednesday, October 29, 2008


So most of my friends know I HATE LAUNDRY!!!!!! But my house has gotten to the point my children don't have clothes in there closets. Oh how I wish there was a laundry fairy! Please come to my house!!!! If I lived closer to Jennifer(my sister) she would be my fairy. When Forrest and I lived in Phx...I would take my laundry to my sisters and she would do it while I kept my neices and nephew busy. How I long for the days again. So I may not be blogging for a few days due to laundry issues and Halloween at the end of the week.

When it comes to Halloween.....Mathew has decided to be a robot, Both of the little girls are going to be Princess AGAIN! I really tried to convince Ella to be something other than that! But she really wants to be a princess, so that is what she is. As for Grant, He is going to be Larry the Cable Guy! I think I will have some cute pictures of the kids. As for Caroline????? I am still not sure on that one. Yet!

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Amy C said...

Laundry is the worst! I hate it as well! I don't mind the washing and drying, it's the putting away part that I hate so much. Good luck getting it all done!