Friday, October 17, 2008

Future so bright I have to wear shades!

I thought this was so cute! For Anna's birthday we got her a package of sunglasses so she thought Caroline need to wear them also!!!


Renee said...

Caroline looks like she is just chillin!!!!

lani said...

Happy birthday Anna!!! And that is one cool babe!!!

Amy said...

Those girls got a future so bright they got to wear shades. LOL!

Very cute!

Amy said...

Doh Jodi! I'm so dumb. I quoted your title in my last comment. No wonder it sounded to familiar to me when I was typing it. You don't have to post that comment or this one. You can do that right???

We need to get together again. Soon?

Aaron N Beki said...

AAAAAHHH! You had another baby! She's so cute! I can't believe you have five now. auw how fun! your blog was so fun to come across. Im so happy I'm finding all my mesa friends. love ya