Saturday, August 23, 2008

I finally got a haircut today! Here are some pic's I had to take them myself....So some aren't that great! But I am hoping it will be an easier cut for me. So I can just wash and go.


Renee said...

Your haircut is very cute. I hope it will help make your life more easy. Being a mother is the busiest job in the world.

Amy said...

Jodi!! I found your blog through Renee's. How have you been???

Congratulations on the new baby! She adorable!!

Do you mind if I link your blog?

Jodi said...

Amy I don't care at all. Do you have blog? I still don't know a whole lot about this blogging thing. I usually fly by the set of my pants....Crap I can't even text on my cell phone. I am so out of the technology thing. We bought Forrest a cell phone. He doesn't even use it. So we are so old!!! Anyways, good to here from you!

Amy said...

Yeah, I've been figuring the blog all out a little here and a little there.

Girl, you are not old!! You can't be because if memory serves me, you are a few days YOUNGER than me. That would make me old too. I don't want to be old. Please don't make me.

Yes, I have a blog too. It's ... I think.

I had hoped to see you at the Round Valley Class of '88's reunion (along with Renee), so we could have a little "The Girls of Tolleson Who Married Round Valley Class of '88 Men" reunion of our own. LOL! Someone said that you were days away from having you baby and couldn't come. I guess you're excused. LOL!