Thursday, June 27, 2013


Mathew turned 12 in May!
  • His only request was for a German Chocolate Cake with Coconut Frosting. He was so happy when he realized it was a triple layer cake.
  • He was ordained a Deacon @ church. He likes helping with the sacrament every week.

  •  He has finished up 6th grade and is heading to Carson next school year.
  • His sport of passion is Baseball....So that what we did! It was crazy too many games among the little girls and Mathew.

  • He loved his coach and the team he was on.

  • Always took a chance on swinging at the ball. Sometimes it was the wrong choice....but always loved being there.
  • And sometimes he made great hits. But over all he still loves the sport more than anything else.
It's amazing to see how much he is growing up to be such a good young man!
  Here he is on the day of his graduation of 6th grade
 Mathew and his partner in crime since Kindergarten.
Starting the summer with his first 12yr old campout with the regular scouts.
He was so excited!
Sure love you Mathew!

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