Monday, October 22, 2012

All about Grant!

 Grant has been busy this year! He started his Sophomore Year in High School. He also started on Varsity Football starting Center and "50" just like his wonderful Dad!  He has been keeping up good grades this year. I'm so proud of him! He's wonderful and sweet and always makes me laugh!
 One new adventure that has happened this year was.....
 He got his learners permit!
 The first day he got it....he wrecked into my planters in front of the house. I wasn't mad! I just laughed because I've had so many accidents when I was younger....I can't judge him for a simple planter. He was so scared. He will deny it til the cows come home but you could see the look on his face!
He would love it if we let him drive all the time. But sometimes it's not possible. But my new request from him is if he wants to drive....HE will open the door on the passenger side for me or there will be no driving. Honestly he so cute when he stands by the door with it open ready for me to take my seat I just can't tell him no!!! But SHHHHHH don't tell him that!

Hopefully I can post more of whats happening lately....I'm just super busy with the kids and school. But hopefully I can give updates on everyone in the new few days!


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