Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy March

This handsome guy turned the big "14" in February and he only wanted a new pair of Vans and a guitar....How easy was that! Whoo Hooo!!! Grant is wonderful and such a good example to others. We as parents are so thankful for him and love him so much! Happy Birthday Big Guy!
Another huge milestone for us has passed this year...We hit our 18th
Wedding Anniversary!
Its amazing that we have had so many wonderful years together! I love you babe and can't wait for the future!

Some of our updates for the Month of February include:
***We had our first litter of baby bunnies! So we are officially breeders of Tans.
***Mathew and Ella started Piano and love it!
***Forrest got a new job promotion...But we still don't know what the salary will be, that's in corporate limbo but should be final Very Soon!
***I officially quit Dr.Pepper...it only lasted for 10days and then I had a re laps when I had to take Webelos on a Camp out and I was push over the limit!!!
*** Forrest and I cooked for the Blue and Gold Banquet....We rocked the total food bill for that was $50.00 bucks to feed 75 people!
*** Jodi finish up her semester with all B's in her classes.
This pretty much wraps up the events of Feb. and March so far. Forrest and I are driving Grant to his first dance on the 12th of this month...We will see how that goes!
Happy March...I hope to update the blog more often since I am taking some time off from school!


Laurel said...

He is such a handsome boy/man and so very sweet. Congrats on your grades and the bunnies. They should give you Dr Pepper in an IV or pill when dealing with cubbies!

The Covert Family said...

Wow! 14 and 18 those are HUGE numbers! Congrats on both! 14 years of parenthood and 18 years of marriage now that's something to celebrate! Looking forward to more frequent updates and maybe I'll be inspired to update more often! Oh and lose the Dr. Pepper again! You can do it!! If I gave up Mountain Dew you can do it too! It's hard but totally worth it!