Sunday, December 5, 2010

Already December....

(This is our family Nativity with all the grand kids minus one....It is in utero so it's not expected to attend until next year....That one automatically get the role of Baby Jesus!)
This year has flown by so fast....As a kid I can remember wishing for Christmas-time to come!!! As a parent I am excited for my kids but totally over welled with the process of buying the gifts and the hardest part is finding places to hit the treasure I have purchased.....My older kids know whatever they find I will take back! So just that thought is scary for them.
I am working on a family letter but still haven't found my stationary to print it on :( So needless to say our letter may be posted on Facebook and my blog! I still love getting Christmas cards in the mail so if you want to send me one go right ahead.
So until I post again....which might be after Christmas!
Merry Christmas!

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