Thursday, December 10, 2009

Corn Chowder

A few weeks ago I tried a totally new recipe and it was a hit at our house.

2 cups of celery
1 cup onion
sauteed in butter
Then add in 5 medium diced and peeled potatoes
Pour in 2 or 3 cup of water over the veggies until they are just submerged in water
Boil until potatoes are very soft
Then add in 2 chicken bouillon cubes after they are dissolved.
Add in 1 qt of half and half
1 can of cream of corn
2 can of regular corn
1/2 lb of cooked bacon

If your soup isn't very thick just mix 1 c. of water and 1c. of Flour together until it makes a paste and then pour it in the soup.....Within just a few minutes your soup will totally be thick. If it is too thick just add in some regular milk to get the right consistency.
I am not sure of the servings but it feed 7 with leftovers for seconds!


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Samara said...

Oh man that sounds good!