Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May 10th

Happy Mother's Day----
The Friday before mother's day Ella got admitted to the hospital for an abscess on her leg. She had surgery to have it cut and drained. So we got to do the whole hospital crap for Mother's day. But she came home on Mother's day so that was good. But one week later after being on the antibiotic for 8 days she broke out in a rash.

So back to the E.R. I went with the little ones in tow.....and Forrest on the way to meet us there.

When we were done we found out that she had an allergic reaction to the sulper in the meds. So then the poor little one was on benadril until she wasn't polka dotted any more.

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Amy C said...

Poor girl! She looks miserable, and that makes it hard for mom, huh! I hope she's feeling better now.