Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tighting the Belt!

Well in the hopes to stay on a budget I created a menu for 2 weeks I only spent $152.50 on groceries. That included food and toiletries & diapers so I think I did really well. This should last us 2 week feeding 6 people. On a side note: I didn't have to buy any eggs since our chicken have started to lay eggs. Right now we are getting 4 eggs and that should increase to almost a dozen a day when they start laying. If anyone needs recipes I can post them also.

Menu for the week of April 3-17th

Friday April 3rd
Taco Pile up

Saturday-April 4th
Lasagna, Salad and Bread

Sunday-April 5th
Pulled pork Sandwiches
Coleslaw and Corn

Monday- April 6th
Beans w/Ham hock
And Rolls

Tuesday- April 7th
Beef w/gravy over mashed potatoes

Wednesday-April 8th
Chicken Enchiladas w/ leftover beans

Thursday-April 9th
Spaghetti w/ Salad

Friday-April 10th
Leftovers or Sandwiches

Saturday-April 11th
Oven baked Chicken legs w/couscous

Sunday-April 12th
Ham w/Funeral Potatoes &green beans

Monday-April 13th
Ham???? Leftovers?

Tuesday-April 14th
Swedish Meatballs w/rice

Wednesday-April 15th
Golden honey chicken
w/ peas &carrots
Lemon pasta

Thursday-April 16th
Waffles w/ sausage and fruit

Friday-April 17th
Stroking chicken w/rice and veggies

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