Thursday, September 25, 2008

Who did that?????

Have you ever had a question for your kids????? Well my third child is loves markers and now that she has started school. All she does is write her name on everything. Then when you ask who did this???? She denys it....Then I tell her I know you did it. She says how do you know??? I then tell her it is your name. I think today we are going to invest in a large spiral notebook for her so she can write in all the time.

Do you want to know how bad it is with the writing???? She even writes on the inside of my kitchen cabinets!!! How bad is that? Any ideas on how to curb her addiciton?

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Bobby and Jenna said...

You should paint one of her walls in her room with that chalkboard paint. Then give her chalk and let her draw away.. My friend has that in her house and her kids love it!